About Us

About realMotocross

realMotocross is a social network for motocross and other forms of dirt bike and atv riding. Riders, motocross fans, and industry experts alike use realMotocross to meet and discuss everything motocross. As a place for people to share motocross videos, pictures and ideas it has quickly grown to become the largest membership site within the industry. Featured highlights are below:

Riding Friends for Life

realMotocross is the only place where you get to meet other riders with the click of a button. The ease of use allows all riders to connect and meet at their favorite motocross tracks. There is no other place on the web to do this.

Video & Photo Sharing

With over 1,000 videos & photos shared within it’s first month riders get a chance to show off what they are made of. MX’ers have a place to build a portfolio of their riding progression and also share their riding experiences with newcomers to the sport.

Motocross Track & School Listings and Reviews

One of the main focuses of realMotocross was to help riders find places to ride and give them a voice on each track they have been to. This helps newer riders get prepared for upcoming races and ride days at tracks they have never been to before. With the addition of MX School reviews riders now have an avenue to find places to get mx training locally and globally. It’s just another way to help riders have more fun by learning to ride faster and more safely. There are even schools that just offer training and nutritional advice which keep mx’ers in top form throughout the season. Tracks & Schools both can freely promote race events and training camps as well, just another way to unite riders.

Motocross Sponsorship & Resumes

RealMotocross is the only site to offer free sponsorship listings to both riders and sponsors. As riders complete their profile and racing experience they automatically build a motocross race resume which they can send to potential sponsors right from the site or export to share with sponsors that do not have listings on the site.

Giveaways & Discounts

Consistently we are working with motocross companies to get free prizes and discounts to riders. Under the discounts tab riders can get instant coupons to the products they already use and even new ones. There are instant discounts on everything from parts to motocross schools. We also have monthly giveaways on things like Air filters, T-Shirts and Video Goggles.

Free Classifieds

Riders have a chance to post free motocross classifieds. Another great way to find the products you need at great prices.