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Apparel, Equipments, Motocross / 19.11.2015

What Are Motorcycle Helmets Made Of? [wp_ad_camp_4] However, helmet technology has advanced just like technology in everything else. You can now find helmets made of more exotic materials such as carbon fiber and Kevlar. But there is nothing wrong with the traditional plastic and fiberglass helmets and each has its advantages. The important thing is to find the best combination of comfort, weight, protection and cost for the type of riding you do. Plastic helmets are still the ones most commonly found. They use a specially engineered plastic that will hold up...

Apparel / 19.10.2015

Motocross Apparel For Cool Statement on the Tracks [wp_ad_camp_4] Motocross riding has become one of the most popular outdoor sports these days. Seeing the increasing popularity of the sport, many top brands have joined the wagon to provide Motocross clothing for Motocross riders. There are many famous brands today that sponsor and support motocross riders and there are even more brands that produce clothing for these bikers and fans. The motocross apparel lines are famous and sport the sponsor's logos, like that of FOX, Alpine Star, Thor, etc. Jackets Sports jackets are one...