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Health and Fitness / 26.10.2015

Motocross - Preparation And Conditioning Leads To Winning [wp_ad_camp_4] It's a fact motocross biking is really a demanding activity. Strength conditioning as well as cardiovascular fitness are essential for the biker that wishes to be competitive at the top of this sport. A bikers legs and arms put up with a lot of pounding, performing as extra suspension to the rest of his torso. The actual size of ones body and it's strength bears a role in how quickly you suffer from exhaustion as well. The lighter you are, Being...

Health and Fitness / 21.10.2015

Motocross Injuries: Reducing Pain, Inflammation and Excess Scar Tissue [wp_ad_camp_4] You Know Injuries, We Know Enzymes All lined up, motors revving, waiting for the gate to drop before ripping down the start-straight to grab the holeshot as the first lap is underway. Adrenaline pumping as the 30 second board girl hits the track. This is the when preparation meets opportunity. What many spectators don't realize is the physical demand and endurance required to race motocross. So much preparation goes into racing from bike to body. From fine-tuning the suspension and engine...