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Tutorials and Ideas / 16.10.2015

Crafted Motocross Decorations [wp_ad_camp_4] For a lot of little boys and young adults motocross is a big deal, so having crafts that reflect that is a good idea. Boys love this sport for several reasons. One of the main reasons why they like it so much is because it is faster. The faster a sport is, the more dangerous it seems. Most little boys love danger. They also like it because they can picture themselves doing what their favorite motocross racers do. They wish that they could be a part...

Motocross / 12.10.2015

What is Motocross and Why Do People Ride Or Race Motocross? [wp_ad_camp_4] Well, first off, let me give a brief description of the feeling I get when I ride or race. I am a 37 year veteran of motocross with a career that spanned from 1975 till 2007. It is a blood pumping, adrenaline shooting, brain warping, heart pounding, natural high like no other on this earth. There's nothing like being 12 feet off the ground at 50 MPH with nothing under your butt but 218 lbs of motorcycle. Now with...