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Equipments, Motocross, Tips / 06.11.2015

The Importance Of Motocross Goggles [wp_ad_camp_4] Motocross is one of the most challenging adventure sports. Strict training and enthusiasm is necessary before one becomes a skillful motocross racer. You have to instill in yourself discipline, concentration, responsibility and confidence. You must have high-quality gear to be competitive in this sport. It is an expensive pastime not only because of the bike but the accessories as well. Riding around the tracks on your trusty motorbike can be very exciting. To begin with, get ready with your helmet, protective boots, gloves and a...

Dirt Bikes, Motorcycle, Tips / 06.11.2015

Dirt Motor Bike - Shopping for Bikes Online [wp_ad_camp_4] Choosing a dirt motor bike is a difficult decision because there are so many options out there. Of course, shopping online offers a whole new way to look at the bikes that are available and see what the options are. You can find so many different types of motocross bikes online, along with a variety of dealers and specials that you have to choose from. It doesn't matter what you are looking for, or what level of riding experience you have...

Dirt Bikes, Motorcycle / 06.11.2015

Popular Dirt Bikes [wp_ad_camp_4] The most popular Dirt Bikes are those manufactured by Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and KTM. Some of these products can be very expensive since their demand is very high with professionals and amateurs alike. When Kawasaki started mass-production of perimeter frame Dirt Bikes in 1990, the two-stroke, single-cylinder 249cc engine KAWASAKI KX250, along with KX125 became the first ones to be manufactured. A new KX250 can cost you around 6,000 dollars while you can get a used KAWASAKI KX250 for 1500 to 3000 dollars. A KX125 costs...