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Motocross, Tutorials and Ideas / 06.11.2015

Building Motocross Tracks [wp_ad_camp_4] Building motocross tracks can actually be a lot of fun, especially when you're building it for your level of riding in mind. The great thing about that is you can begin with smaller jumps and tabletops and gradually build them up as you gain confidence on your new track. There are however a couple of things to consider before you begin building that dream track of yours. 1) Property Location: You need to think about your surroundings and who will be affected by a bunch of...

Motocross, Tips, Tutorials and Ideas / 05.11.2015

What You Have to Learn About Motocross Photography [wp_ad_camp_4] Learning motocross photography will not be easy as you learn to portrait any picture that can be arranged as well. When you know the factors involved to motocross, then you will be able to create the perfect photo of motocross. Like the most difficult factor to create, a great view of motocross is the background. You may need to consider about spectators, barriers, around the tracks. The most general issue on motocross tracks is dirty whether it is an indoor event or...

Dirt Bikes / 04.11.2015

Dirt Bike Racing History and Overview [wp_ad_camp_1] Just about every boy or every tom boy loves to ride on a dirt bike. Dirt bike riding can be fun, even thrilling. Some even go as far as racing their dirt bikes, whether it is amateur or professional. When amateur racing takes place, participants usually will race in the streets, on trails, on lots of land or at a park. The location will depend on where the group agrees to conduct the event. Amateur events have few guidelines, as people can use whatever...