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Tips / 31.10.2015

Motocross Tips - How to Shift Gears For Maximum Speed [wp_ad_camp_4] I have noticed that a lot of beginning motocross riders often get pretty confused about how to shift gears properly. Everyone seems to have a different opinion and it can be quite difficult to find instructional materials that actually cover this important aspect of motocross technique. There are two ways that I personally like to shift up gears on a motocross bike and I'm going to attempt to explain them in this short article. For the first way you don't have...

Tips / 31.10.2015

How Much Does Motocross Racing Cost? [wp_ad_camp_4] I'm really glad you're considering participating in this extravagant and addicting extreme sport, but there are some downsides to doing it as well, unfortunately. Cost is the biggest reason why so many people aren't able to race motocross, whether it be the cost of bikes and maintaining them, or having to pay for entry fees, gas for bikes, gas for vehicles, food, etc. Dirt Bike Your dirt bike is probably going to be the most expensive part of motocross racing. You can find a good...

Motocross, Motorcycle / 30.10.2015

The Honda 125cc Motocross Bike [wp_ad_camp_4] Honda makes several designs for the motocross bike one of which is the motocross 125 style. Honda began its production of these bikes in the 60's. The Honda motorcycles come in an 85cc, a 125cc and a 250cc size of engine. It does have a few competitors in this market such as the Yamaha's version of their 125cc in the YZ and KTM models. The Honda CR125 has a single cylinder engine that is a two stroke design. It can cruise pretty good with...