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Dirt Bikes, Motocross, Motorcycle / 19.11.2015

Different Kinds of 200cc Dirt Bikes [wp_ad_camp_4] There are quite a few manufacturers that produced 200 CC dirt bikes. Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, KTM, and Suzuki all had 200 cc enduro models. These small dirt bikes are great for beginners to ride. The power bands are smooth and relaxing making for more enjoyable ride for beginners. A brand new person the dirt bike riding would be able to hop on a 200 cc dirt bike and ride easily. 200 cc bikes are often very light and easy to handle. Kawasaki, maker of...

Apparel, Equipments, Motocross / 19.11.2015

What Are Motorcycle Helmets Made Of? [wp_ad_camp_4] However, helmet technology has advanced just like technology in everything else. You can now find helmets made of more exotic materials such as carbon fiber and Kevlar. But there is nothing wrong with the traditional plastic and fiberglass helmets and each has its advantages. The important thing is to find the best combination of comfort, weight, protection and cost for the type of riding you do. Plastic helmets are still the ones most commonly found. They use a specially engineered plastic that will hold up...

Motocross, Tips, Tutorials and Ideas / 09.11.2015

Motorcycle Suspension - A Troubleshooting Guide [wp_ad_camp_4] Trouble Shooting Suspension Problems. Adjustment locations: Forks Rebound adjustment (if applicable) is located near the top of the fork. Compression adjustment (if applicable) is located near the bottom of the fork. Spring preload adjustment (if applicable) is generally hex style and located at the top of the fork. Lack of Rebound Symptoms:  Forks are plush, but increasing speed causes loss of control and traction  The motorcycle wallows and tends to run wide exiting the turn causing fading traction and loss of control.  When taking a corner a speed, you experience...